1995 Outremer

Outremer (1995)


  1. Welfenstein (Peter Ratzenbeck) 
  2. Bonny George Campell (Trad. arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  3. Odyssee (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  4. My Heart's Tonight In Ireland (Andy Irvine)
  5. Outremer (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  6. Le Cháteau Dans L'Air (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  7. Handicap Rag (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  8. Ich denke oft an Hallein (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  9. If You Leave Me (traditional, arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  10. Der Klügere Kippt Nach (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  11. And I Love Her (Lennon/McCartney, arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  12. Wackelstein-Landler (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  13. The Galtee Hunt (O'Carolan, arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  14. I Wish, I Was In Belfast Town (Andy Irvine)
  15. Waldviertler Nächte (Peter Ratzenbeck)
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