Peter Ratzenbeck

2005 Resonances

Resonances (2005)


  1. Bachelors Delight (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  2. Bonnie Bessie Logan (Traditional, arr. Dougie MacLean)
  3. Flowers from Ayako (Franco Morone)
  4. The Twisted Road (Michael Chapman)
  5. Avalon (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  6. Mitt'n im Regn und in da Fruah (Gordon Lightfoot/Franz Zwazl)
  7. Recycling Rag (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  8. As I Roved Out (Traditional, arr. Andy Irvine)
  9. Planxty Irwin (Turlogh O'Carolan)
  10. This Love Will Carry (Dougie MacLean)
  11. Bantry Girls Lament (Traditional, arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  12. That Time Of Night (Michael Chapman)
  13. No Rainbow Today (Peter Ratzenbeck/Michael Chapman)
  14. The Smile In Your Eyes (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  15. Wia des Leb'n spüt (Bob Dylan/Franz Zwazl)
  16. After Hours (Peter Ratzenbeck)
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